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Dang. It looks like Social Media killed advertising. Again.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that Social Media is not just changing the way we do business. It is rocking the very foundations on which business operates. Forget paradigm shifts – this is akin to a biological evolution. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Just Another Frantic Friday, Episode 7

Scouring the World Wide Web to bring you the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. Wait, no that’s not us…just some stuff to peruse and amuse over the weekend. As always, any connections to people living or deceased … Continue reading

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Just Another Frantic Friday, Episode 6

The following links are provided for entertainment purposes only. If you should happen to glean actual information from these links the use of that information is strictly up to you. SMThree neither endorses nor promotes any of the following authors, … Continue reading

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