Who We Are

SMThree is a company that is uniquely focused on managing the social media presence of non-profits and small businesses. Steve Allan is a media specialist who has managed and developed content for broadcast properties in Washington, DC, Boston, Detroit and Cincinnati. Regardless of the platform – content is king and to expand in social media you need constant content and contact. You can reach Steve at Steve@smthree.com

3 Responses to Who We Are

  1. tboehm30 says:

    So you write about social media and talk about appropriate response, but still have to moderate your user’s comments? I would call that a bit hypocritical. Are you going to prevent comments? Are you going to edit comments? If no, then just allow them. {I know that the default is to moderate the first one and allow the rest; you should change it to just allow all of them.}

  2. Paul says:


    Couldn’t find your contact info anywhere. We would like to include the Smthree blog on http://www.socialmediainformer.com

    It is a site centralizing all the best information around the topic of Social Media, and we already have dozens of great bloggers participating (Aaron Strout, Chris Brogan, Ari Herzog, Kyle Lacy, and many others).

    Would be great if you joined also!

    Paul Faguet

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