Social Media Predictions For 2014


As another year fades into oblivion we often find ourselves using the rear view mirror for self-reflection. However, in the faster moving world of tomorrow that we live in what little attention span we have left should be used for mapping out the road ahead. What awaits us around the next bend? What should we pack in our survival kit?

Before you plan for the Zombie apocalypse, here are a few casual predictions for the social/digital world of 2014

People will continue to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pintrest, etc. at an ever increasing and alarming rate. They will do so to satisfy their own needs and desires. There will be countless blogs, articles and studies published that will tell them why they are doing this.

A Fortune 500 company will spend millions on a Social Media campaign or contest that will actually go viral. Social Media Experts will cite this as a reason that all your marketing dollars should be diverted to social. Those same experts will ignore the countless examples of viral failures.

More digital agencies will set up shop creating a larger demand for digital expenditures.

Sometime in the next 12 months, something will capture your attention for 6 seconds. You will chuckle and pass it along to your friends. You will have forgotten about it by the next day.

You will spend more time with your Smartphone than ever before. And you will be happy.

A random celebrity will tweet something offensive that will create a firestorm of controversy.

You will get lost in an unfamiliar area because your Smartphone stopped working. Since you do not know how to read an actual map it will be days before you are found – hungry, but alive.

Google will change its logarithm again. It will then partner with Disney and call it Tinkerbell.

SEO will become the new ROI.

It’s over. Otherwise known as the “death of” story. At least once a quarter someone will declare a piece of technology or media that existed before 2002 to be obsolete. Digital hipsters will notice. The rest of us will just go on with our day.

Ever increasing amounts of money will be spent on digital advertising leading to an ever increasing debate on whether it worked. No one will be able to answer the question so the process will repeat itself over and over. Meanwhile, many companies will continue to prosper by advertising in traditional media.

Secrets revealed. Your inbox or reader will be clogged with articles promising you the secret to…better open rates, more clicks, increasing followers, how to make millions, etc. Chances are you will hit delete without reading it.

A corollary to the above: Once a month someone will tell you how to make a video go viral. It won’t work.

A cute kid will do something completely random that will make you go awww. That video will go viral.

Yelp’s filtering system for reviews will continue to confound business owners.

Someone will lose their job over something they did in Social Media.

23% of your friends will share a picture of what they are about to eat.

A reasonably respected news organization will see something on Twitter and report it as fact. Then, will retract the story as further information comes to light. No one will think this strange.

The new…in 2014 we will hear about the “new” Facebook or Google or Linked In or something. It won’t happen.

People will worry that the NSA has too much info on them yet will continue to tell Facebook and Google everything.

One year from today, things will be different.

Happy New Year!

Steve Allan

Social Media Savant

About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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2 Responses to Social Media Predictions For 2014

  1. Brilliant and entertaining,as always monsieur Allan…Actually, increased smartphone use has been linked to unhappiness:

    But I LOVE the Tinkerbell idea. Hope you servicemarked it.

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