Just Another Frantic Friday, Episode 6

The following links are provided for entertainment purposes only. If you should happen to glean actual information from these links the use of that information is strictly up to you.

SMThree neither endorses nor promotes any of the following authors, content creators, re-tweeters, attention seekers or thoughtful writers.

We simply provide this as a service to while away a few minutes over your long Labor Day Weekend.


Somewhat old news by now but it appears the Germans really, really don’t like Facebook.

If you’re looking at this from work you’re actually making yourself more productive.

Advertising on Hulu is TWICE as effective as regular TV!! How do we know? Because Hulu says so, that’s why.

I suddenly realized that 35% of adults will not see this. Sad for them.

An odd United Way campaign. I am not sure if it is creepy and wrong or amazingly effective.

Ground control to Major Tom. Go to sleep!

Usually, my wife just asks me to pick up some milk on the way home. Not so in Japan.

Have a great weekend!

Steve Allan, Social Media Specialist



About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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