Are you ready for the new Facebook business page upgrade?

If you manage a Facebook business page you were greeted with this today Facebook is – in their words – upgrading their business pages. Much like they recently did with profile pages, your business page will take on a whole new look in about four weeks. Resistance is futile. When you log into your business page, take the tour and begin to familiarize yourself with all the changes. There are plenty. Here are a few highlights:

Pictures – Much like the new profile, pictures will be displayed at the top of your wall. you can choose and it will not include fan posts.

Tab B Gone – Say good-bye to tabs. All navigation will be featured on the left side of the page below the profile picture. This could cause a couple of potential problems. First, if your profile picture is very long it could push the navigation links to below the fold. Second, if you are using FBML it could change how your links look. That has not played out yet.

The page is you – This is an excellent addition. As an admin, you can troll Facebook as your page. You can post on other pages as your page and you can ‘like’ other pages as your page. What is not clear is how this will affect the ‘add page to my favorites’ function. Will everything become likes? Will old favorites become likes? It seems the latter is more likely. Friends and Family – In the new version you can see how many people like a page but you do not see their pictures. Also, it appears the ‘friends who like this page’ feature is going away.

Information, please – Say good-bye to the Information box. This is too bad as many business use this to highlight hours, web sites, specials, etc. Now, all that information will strictly be under the info link.

E-mail alerts – You can now get e-mail notifications on any activity on your page. This is a double-edged sword. It will be nice to know when someone posts a comment but could lead to a massive amount of alerts coming to your in-box.

Post as you – you can choose to post on the business page as yourself or as the business. and, you can move back and forth between the two. This is a great feature for admins who have not been able to post on the pages they manage without setting up a dummy profile account.

Wall posts – There are some back room changes that will allow you to filter the wall posts based on popularity. This will take some time to shake out and figure out but it looks like this will function more like the ‘Top News’ feature on profile pages.

As they said while gathered on the mound in Bull Durham“We’re dealing with a lot of stuff here.”

Fortunately, you have about four weeks to deal with all the changes before they become permanent. My suggestion is you do not upgrade your page immediately. Spend some quality time getting used to the new features. Watch for the inevitable bugs to appear. More importantly, wait for the hue and cry of Facebook nation to develop. Chances are this could cause the folks at Facebook to re-think some of the changes.

Good luck.

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist SMThree


About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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