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Interesting article from AdWeek about their Harris poll on advertising.

Big surprise – most of us ignore Internet banner ads. Does this surprise you? When was the last time you intentionally clicked on a banner ad? No matter how they try to entice me to bite – from flash to fly by – I can’t click on the ‘close this ad’ link fast enough. The only times I actually click on the ad is when I am mouse challenged.

Coming in at #2 on the hit parade of ads we love to ignore – search engine ads. Frankly, this one is a bit surprising. Though the percentage of ignorance (interesting term) is less than half that of banner ads it still means that one in five ignores those ads you’ve bid for on Google. Given how ‘organic’ those ads appear I thought they would be seen more frequently.

What I found most surprising about the study blurb is how seemingly unobtrusive traditional media ads are. Consumers ignore ads in print and on radio and television at a far lower percentage than those in the digital realm.

You may say that ignoring digital advertising is easier because the consumer is in total control of what they choose to interact with. But, wait, I thought traditional media was more obtrusive. Even though you can change the channel or flip the page those ads keep coming at you. Yet, it seems we are less likely to ignore them.

Could it be because we have been programmed by traditional media for so long that we have accepted ads as a normal part of our entertainment experience? Or, could it be that traditional media (and their creative agencies) have been at this so much longer that they can (though not always do) create more engaging and interesting ads?

Consider the gecko.

Are you more willing to watch the little green guy and listen to his Cockney accent than you are to click on his picture for more information?

Perhaps the interruptive nature of traditional media advertising actually works. That will come as quite a shock to the digital cognoscenti.

One category missing from this study is Facebook. Facebook ads are more akin to search engine placements than banner ads. However, because of their design – and their placement in your space – they really are a category unto themselves.

Great advertising depends on creating a compelling message that resonates with your target audience. I am struggling to think of one creative, engaging, enticing banner ad I’ve seen recently. What am I saying. I’m struggling to think of ANY banner ad I’ve noticed recently.

How about you?

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist


About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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