Social Media is the message

A friend of mine owns an advertising agency – Rosenberg Media –  that specializes in traditional media buying and planning. He is one of the best ever at doing this. Now, he is starting to branch out and add social media services for his clients (full disclosure: I am helping him do this).

He tells me that on a daily basis he is getting calls from social media companies and providers who want to sell him their services, platforms, analytic software, etc. Some actually get his name right (many don’t).

Not one of them is talking to him about what social media means to his clients.

That is our cautionary tale for the day, ladies and gentlemen. As social media continues to explode into the general business public’s awareness –  beware of snake oil and jargon.

As with ALL marketing efforts – social media begins with a message. It is about communicating your strengths and benefits. Social media is about motivating the crowd you have already gathered (and hope to expand).

Yes, social media has different rules of engagement. It is a two-way communications medium that helps you to gather feedback from your supporters. It allows you to develop relationships economically.

But it still comes down to what you have to say.

According to a study by comScore, the most important part of a digital campaign is the creative:

comscore ad qualityAd quality – just another name for message.

And, according to – why do fans disengage from brands?

Hmmm, call me crazy but don’t these reasons all play back to one thing – messaging?

As you plan your way through your social media efforts there are countless technical gadgets, widgets and tools that will make your journey easier to manage. Learn them. Know them. Use them. By all means take advantage of technology. These are the machinery. They are a means to an end.

And, while it is true that a carpenter is only as good as his tools, all the best tools in the world won’t turn an inferior product into a masterpiece.

Your social media plan – and you damned well better have one before you start – is a fully integrated portion of your overall communications and marketing strategy.

It all starts with an idea. What’s yours?

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist



About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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One Response to Social Media is the message

  1. Dewg says:

    I hope this one gets lots of readers, Steve. It always seems like “Ready, Fire, Aim” occurs whenever anything gets as hot as “social media” is now. We have to do it, because everyone’s doing it. If we’re not on Twitter, we’re losing ground to our competition. Blah blah blah. You bring it all down to the laser focus: What is your idea. What do you want to communicate? How can you do that with the most impact?
    Great post today.

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