Social Media on a roll.

It should be on a bun – but this sounded better.

I love it when I find businesses that are using social media in new and inventive ways.

Meet 4food – a New York city burger joint.

They allow you to choose from a variety of ingredients and build your own customized burger. Nothing too unusual about that. Fudrucker’s has offered something similar for years – just with different options.

And, they allow you to name your creation. Fun. A nice ego boost. But, not enough to make 4food extraordinary.

Plus, they have in store iPads where you can make and place your order. Soon, you’ll be able to do the same on their web site and via your smartphone. That’s a great use of technology but is more of a gimmick than a benefit.

Their menu looks exceptional and unique for a burger joint but we’re talking New York City – the home of unique restaurants.

Here’s where they separate themselves. Once you’ve named your burger you are encouraged to share your creation via your social network. Your reward? A twenty-five cent credit to your account for every one of your burgers sold! They are creating evangelists and selling them product at the same time. Genius.

The fact that their cleverly named ‘buildboard chart’ shows that none of the top 10 creations have been sold is besides the point. They are engaging and involving customers in the core product of their business.

According to Adam Kidron, the creator of 4food – they have not spent one cent on external marketing. They have used the power of social media to drive their awareness and sell burgers.

How effective have they been? Their Facebook page has over 1400 likes. They have over 2000 twitter followers! Not too shabby for a newly opened establishment.

As with most new, shiny objects the social media glow of 4food could wear off. The proof is in the burger and their endurance as a viable restaurant will depend more on the quality of their offerings than their ability to exploit social media.

Still, you have to be impressed. There are thousands of burger joints in NYC and launching a new restaurant in such a highly competitive environment is a daunting task.

4food has found a social shortcut to finding their audience and building their brand.

All for the cost of a good idea.

Your thoughts?

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist



About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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