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Have you heard those OnStar commercials where you get to listen in on real emergencies with real people? These real life mini-dramas always have a happy ending – thanks to OnStar.

Instead of dialing 911 you just push the blue button and everything will be alright.

Unless you’re blonde.

Well, it seems the folks at GM have decided that you need more distractions while driving. Apparently, fiddling with the radio, reading texts, answering the phone and eating your lunch are not enough non-driving activities for drivers.

Soon, according to a story in the Detroit News, you’ll be able to update your Facebook status from behind the wheel.

“I’m driving on the Beltway stuck behind some moron who isn’t paying attention“.

This new technology marriage is currently in the experimental phase but that only means they are waiting to de-bug the system.

Here’s how it works.

You connect with OnStar and you can verbally update your Facebook status. That could be a little awkward as you read your status update to the OnStar operator but you’ll adapt.

Oh, that’s not all.

The operator will also read your news feed to you!

I can’t wait.

Marvin Jones says its Friday – exclamation point. Come on weekend!’

Hold on…they’re not done.

Connect your smart phone via Bluetooth to OnStar and you will not only have your texts read to you BUT you can choose one of four response options activated from buttons on your steering wheel.

Apparently, twitter is not part of this equation.

Look, I’m as involved with social media as the next guy. But, do I- we – need this level of connectivity?

I’ll admit it (and so should you) –  I have been guilty of reading and responding to texts while driving. I’ve also tweeted, read Facebook and checked in on foursquare.

I am also aware that interacting with your cell phone from behind the wheel – even in hands free mode – is akin to driving while intoxicated.

Has our attention span shrunk to such a low level that we can’t wait until we stop to status?

I’m all for innovation and improvements to dashboard real estate. WiFi radio and access to iPods are great complements to driving. Not this.

I’m was going to give GM the benefit of the doubt and assume that part of the ‘experiment’ is to disable the device when the car is in motion. Then I remembered – that defeats the purpose and luxury of OnStar. Those operators are truly standing by whenever and wherever you need them.

As Jim Morrison famously sang in Roadhouse Blues – ‘Keep your eyes on the road –  your hands upon the wheel.’

And your ears off Facebook.

Your thoughts?

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist



About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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4 Responses to Dashboard Social Media

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  2. Dave Berning says:

    What next..Update FB in Public Restrooms..LinkedIn Folllower

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