Social Media Parody

With the proliferation of Social Media gurus and ninjas it becomes difficult to weed through the jargon to reach a level of understanding.

Leave it to Mike Phillips and Stedmeister to provide us with a way to sound more intelligent without actually saying anything.

Check out their website here and you can develop your own Social Media buzz phrases that will amaze and confuse your friends and, one supposes, your potential clients.

This is a Dilbert moment come to life.

A few of the randomly generated phrases I made today:

‘Harness social currency to drive buzz.’

‘Increase organic growth by exposing audiences to the brand through breakthrough viral communications’.

‘Expose new and relevant communities to the brand by providing assets to encourage brand evangelism

If you just let them wash over you without actually thinking about the words – they almost make sense. But, clearly, they are just more social media babble. Statements without meaning that will dazzle the social media novitiate like a shiny lure fools a fish.

I can remember my time in corporate radio in the 90’s and 00’s when mission statements were all the rage. Every company had one. Then, every division of every company had one. Finally, we went granular and had a mission statement for every department in every division. How I wish we had a these random mission statement generators back then.  

Instead, we would spend countless hours locked in meeting rooms with department heads, consultants and other relevant ‘stakeholders’ hammering out a statement that addressed our clients, employees, stockholders and corporate overlords and their incessant needs. After the countless debates and re-writes and follow-up meetings, the white smoke arose and we had our (drum roll)  – Mission Statement (notice the caps).

This was then posted in the hallways, distributed to all employees and – then – promptly ignored.

My point being, a great organization – like a great social media strategy – does not depend on official pronouncements of generic positioning statements. Nor, does it require shiny objects to distract the uninformed.  It depends on vision and purpose.

The guys at ‘What the f*** is my social media sum’ it up nicely with this non-randomly generated statement:

‘The moral of the story? Social media should be about making brands more accessible to users. Not using fancy words”.

That said, I have suddenly realized that my fledgling blog does need a, well, let’s call it a ‘Statement of Strategic Purpose’.  So, here’s what they’ve come up with for me:

‘Target influencers with engaging assets to act as a platform for conversation’

I’m thinking of putting it on a t-shirt.

Your thoughts?

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist
Hyper Smash


About Steve Allan

I am a Social Media specialist uniquely focused on the management, messaging and marketing of social media platforms for non-profits and small businesses.
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3 Responses to Social Media Parody

  1. Dewg says:

    I can think of some engaging assets that would look fabulous in a really tight tshirt.

    One other thing, I think historically gurus and ninjas don’t really mix well socially…

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