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Social Media: An Age Old Problem

Recently, I have been running into a consistent objection with non-profits and businesses who are contemplating their initial dive into the social media pool. They are concerned that social media – you know, that Facebook thing or the tweeter, twitter, … Continue reading

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A great social media promotion.

I admire the way Kohl’s uses social media as part of their marketing mix.  They have a very active Facebook page with almost 2.3 million followers. And, to their credit, they actually respond to posts on a timely basis. If … Continue reading

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Social Media Stumbles and Blunders

The learning curve. From early adoption to deep familiarity, we all go through this process when encountering a new concept or operation. Brand use of social media is no different. For every dramatic success story like the Old Spice Guy … Continue reading

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All you can eat social media

I’m watching Sports Center the other night and nearly fell out of my chair. No, it wasn’t because I spilled the bean dip. I saw this commercial and was absolutely floored. The Golden Corral is promoting their social media platforms … Continue reading

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Marketing Social Media – if you build it will they come?

Field of Dreams is one of the best baseball movies of all time. The gist is that Ray Kinsella, as played by Kevin Costner, hears a voice telling him to build a baseball diamond in the middle of an Iowa … Continue reading

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How to get a million likes – 5 free ways to bring people to your Facebook page

I knew this headline would get your attention. It reminds me of the old Steve Martin joke – “How to become a millionaire and not pay taxes…First get a million dollars…then…” The golden quest in social media today is adding … Continue reading

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Play Food & Wine, a restaurant in Ottawa, has decided to put 100% of its marketing efforts into social media. The restaurant, which opened in 2009, has used Facebook, Twitter and their e-mail database as their sole marketing platforms for … Continue reading

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