Inception: Life could be a dream

Stop reading right now if you haven’t seen the movie. I am going to reveal the ending in a few short paragraphs. You’ve been warned.

I went and saw the movie Inception the other day with my daughter. I don’t often go to the movies anymore because at $11 a pop my crap threshold has been elevated to an all time high. As a formerly avid movie goer I find myself at the theatre less and less.

But, we both agreed that the Inception looked like a winner. Besides, Leonardo DiCaprio is usually a good bet. More importantly, the social media buzz about the film was quite strong.

So, we went. And we were not disappointed. Truly one of the great films of the year. It had drama, action, comic relief and a strong Matrix-like feel.

But the ending is one that can be debated for ages – was it all a dream or was he back in reality?

Many will debate that it was a dream because the top did not stop spinning. However, if you look closely you will see that the top was starting to wobble – something it did not do in an earlier dream sequence. Others may argue that it is a dream because the children were in the exact same clothes in ‘reality’ as in the dream. But, Leonardo’s character did get to see their faces – which did not happen in the dream. Besides, that could have been a coincidence.

 What about the children’s ages? They were the same at the end as the beginning. Well, we do not know how long Leonardo had been away or how long ago his wife had died.

That all said – the ending WAS a dream for one simple fact.

Michael Caine

Why was he at the airport? As far as we knew he lived in Paris. There is no way Leonardo DiCaprio would have arranged for his father-in-law to be at the airport. Until Ken Watanabe made the call from the plane Leonardo did not know if he could get past customs. Besides, Leonardo’s character was used to doing things on his own. There is no logical reason for Michael Caine to have been at the airport.

For that reason, I am convinced that the the DiCaprio character is still stuck in limbo with the memory of his wife.

Unless, of course, I’m wrong.

What do you think?

Steve Allan

Social Media Specialist


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2 Responses to Inception: Life could be a dream

  1. Dewg says:

    Not only is it a dream, but I think DiCaprio may be stuck inside his wife’s dream. After all, the top was HER totem. She had locked it into HER safe.

    You’re right though. Great buzz for this film because of the story and the effects. Caine is always great, no matter how small the role. And the ambiguity at the end lends itself to an on-going debate, and probably a sequel.

  2. Or perhaps Cobb and his father-in-law are both dead and FIL Cobb’s escort to the other side. 🙂

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